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Sat, 22nd June, 2024
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Collaboration Skills: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Story by Linsey

Ever wondered how comedy shows come together? It’s not just about quick wit – it’s about collaboration skills. That’s a fancy way of saying teamwork! Just like a bunch of funny ideas turn into a laugh-out-loud show, a group of kids working together can create something truly amazing. Here are our top tips for making an environment where ideas can become great things in our world.

Yes, And… Let’s Make Something Awesome!

Imagine this: you and your friends are building a giant fort out of blankets and pillows. One person throws in an idea – a secret tunnel! You could just say, “Nah, that won’t work.” But that wouldn’t be very collaborative, would it? Instead, improv teaches us the magic of “Yes, And…” This means taking someone’s idea and building on it. So, you might say, “Yes, and the tunnel leads to a treasure room!” Suddenly, your fort goes from cool to epic! This “Yes, And…” approach is a superpower in teamwork. It lets everyone’s ideas shine and creates something even better than anyone imagined alone.

: : HOT TIP : : Try adding a “no” jar when you collaborate with others, where anyone who says no has to do a forfeit like jumping jacks or push-ups!

Make Listening your Superpower!

Collaboration isn’t just about being the one shouting out your cool ideas, it’s about super-powered listening! Think about it – if you’re too busy thinking about your own ideas, how can you hear what your teammates have to say? Being a good listener means paying attention, asking questions, and finding out ways of doing things you haven’t thought of before! Plus, when you listen well, you show your teammates you respect their thoughts, which is another key ingredient for a happy and successful team.

: : HOT TIP : : Repeat back what you have just heard to show you were listening and to give time to consider it more.

Respect, Inclusion, and FUN!

A great team is like a rainbow – it’s made up of lots of different colours (personalities) working together. A truly awesome team respects everyone’s ideas, no matter how silly they might seem at first. Maybe someone wants to add a sparkly unicorn horn to your fort – who knows, it might just be the best part! Including everyone and making sure everyone feels heard is a recipe for a fun and successful team. Remember, the best teams not only work hard, but they have a blast doing it! So, don’t forget to add generous amounts of laughter and fun to your teamwork recipe.

: : HOT TIP : : Listen for a good idea in each session and tell that person that you really like it!

Collaboration Skills: Ready, Set, Camp!

Here are some tips to put these collaboration skills into action at camp:

  • Be a “Yes, And…” champion! When someone throws out an idea, take it and run with it!
  • Listen up, buttercup! Give your teammates your full attention and ask questions to understand their ideas.
  • Respect the rainbow! Everyone has something to offer, so be inclusive and make sure everyone feels heard.
  • Laughter is the best medicine! Have fun, be silly, and enjoy working together with your new team mates.

By using these collaboration skills, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a teamwork pro! Camp is the perfect place to make new friends, learn new things, and create unforgettable memories. So, put on your teamwork hat, get ready to collaborate, and have a blast at a creative camp!

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