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Wed, 24th April, 2024
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Let the Good Times Hatch!!!! 6 Creative Easter Holiday Activities

Story by Linsey

Easter holiday activities present an opportunity to create lasting memories with your kids All you need are a few boiled eggs, some paint, and a little creativity! Here’s a list of fun and nostalgic Easter activities to get you started:

1 The Great Easter Egg Roll

Decorate hard-boiled eggs with vibrant paints, stickers, and glitter – get creative! Then gather your little bunnies (and their friends!) and head to a local park with a gentle slope

Tip: If you want to keep your egg-cellent creations for prosperity, try using wooden or plastic eggs instead of traditional ones

Once your eggs are ready, gather everyone at the top of the hill and explain the rules – the first egg to reach the bottom wins! You can award small prizes for the winners or simply enjoy the fun and camaraderie

2 Easter Egg Hunt

There’s nothing more classic than an Easter egg hunt!  Hide in plants, behind curtains or even where you keep eggs! You can also create scavenger hunts with little written clues or charades to find the prize chocolate

Tip: Have some fun with some glued on googly eyes or paper strip whiskers

Fill the children’s baskets with homemade treats, small[..]

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